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標題: no one else leaves Iraq pupil this photo. Ling Tianrui moment [打印本頁]

作者: dsgcfcqe    時間: 2013-3-17 14:20     標題: no one else leaves Iraq pupil this photo. Ling Tianrui moment

Xia Mulin low tone of voice, and some of his blame yourself just saw in the villa when sleeping ,thomas sabo house of fraser, pills bottle flew to lose a sense of proportion, and that leaves Iraq pupil is seen reports,cheap pandora charms. Otherwise, in his experience, how would know leaf Iraq pupil suicide in order to get a good sleep?
Well, you do not blame yourself, concerned about the chaos. Since sent, she woke up to say things outside more explanation only more chaotic Iraq pupil here, it seems can do her good quiet be quiet. subsided, and then explain this thing.
Ling Tianrui some anger, he knew that this thing is who do mischief. Because in addition to him, no one else leaves Iraq pupil this photo. Ling Tianrui moment, teeth, and can not wait to be fiercely beat this person meal Caixing.
However, the wind Sihan telephone, can not be turned on. Wind's group president of the office phone, his secretary only replied, wind total did not go to the company, nor any account of.
Bloody hell.
Ling Tianrui anger. The first wind Sihan this photo threatened him Otherwise, the wind Sihan can not be successfully signed the leaves Iraq pupil. Damn, how he did not think that this man turned out to be so cruel, love, and bring such photos to be made public. So unfeeling, had known, Ling Tianrui had rather send their leaves Iraq pupil to go back to the United States, will not let the wind Sihan succeed.
Do you know who put the photo?
Xia Mulin seem to from Ling Tianrui face seen some what to like.
I do not know.
Then turned left Lingtian Rui.
Day, leaves Iraq pupil suddenly perfect princess from people's minds,michael kors handbags, into a flair to hang around the dancer image. The moment,michael kors outlet online, the entire city trash, can easily access to see leaves Iraq pupil disc and posters. Instant status from the sky, straight fall into the mud. However leaves Iraq the pupil still dream, ignorant.
Wind into the house, the ,thomas sabo necklaces,, wind Sihan from TV to see the status of the leaves Iraq pupil, his happy ...
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