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he rushed up to hug him

Xia Yuping put down the phone, pulled the Luyi Wen walked into a room, and said: You live in this house.
Cleaning up the room, the Simmons bed blanket new bedspread.
Xia Yuping open large closet, cabinet hanging sets have been washed dried and ironed clothes,[url=]cowgirl wedding dresses[/url], said: This is for you buy to see if it fits.
She took out a piece of wicker shirt, let Lu Yiwen put twitched collar, Hem said Lara, also fit. Also remove a trousers, Lu Yiwen put. Lu Yiwen my legs should wear. Xia Yuping patted his back, take your pants off Well. Lu Yiwen tweaking a little bit embarrassed. She said what shy, hands-on solutions to his belt. He let me hasten to say. With a few strokes off his trousers and put on new pants. To see her before watching Lara trouser legs, just, or wear. Trained, heard on holding Lu Yiwen. Lu Yiwen smell her fragrance, but emerge out of the brain actually Shen Chunjiang deep-seated memorable scene, his face revealing a shame, regret.
You think what is so ecstatic. Xia Yuping raised his head and looked at Lu Yiwen,[url=]prom dresses 2013[/url].
Oh, nothing. Lu Yiwen quickly received God, unnatural smiled gently pushed open her open the trunk to pick up an envelope, a rough with a huge gold pendant gold necklace hanging out of the envelope finger, turned and sent Xia Yuping before, said: for you.
Good hands fall ah. Xia Yuping took the gold necklace, looking at it lovingly, saying, This is not good you?
Xia Yuping ranging Lu Yiwen answer, asked him to wear. She went to stand before the mirror left according to the right according to the cheerful Lu Yiwen laughed.
The doorbell rang. The Luyi Wen ran out the door. Xia Yuping off his necklace in a drawer,[url=]empire waist wedding dress[/url].
Joan sister a three hole. Fang Fang saw Lu Yiwen, he rushed up to hug him, small and cried uncle.
Lu Yiwen holding her asked: Fanfan behaved it? Well the job is not sitting on the sofa?
Fang Fang replied: job well, Fang Fang, good father, mother behaved.
She then made everyone laugh.
Xia Yuping brew tea, put on the candy, and took a candy handed Fang Fang. Fang Fang is not connected, but fell on the Lu Yiwen arms, asked: uncle, why you did not come home you?
Lu Huiqiong chimed in: uncle,[url=]cheap prom dresses uk[/url], to Ping aunt grab, and go home.
Fang Fang listened to stare of the Xia Yuping one after the uncle hold tighter, and asked: how Ping aunt robbed Quya?
Xia Yuping the float face flush, shy and said: Look, you said Joan sister.
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